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The Idea Folks at doxo Make Bill Paying as Easy as Pie

November 20, 2019

The reason why the folks who founded doxo and created the doxo bill payment system did so because bill payment is a segment of the economy that represents approximately half of all household spending, which makes up most of the economy. That is why the folks at doxo started the company in the first place. It doesn’t help that the actual act of managing and paying all the bills in a typical household is one of the most frustrating and confounding tasks every family has to face. On average, households pay at least 10 or more bills every month and many of them juggle several online accounts, the occasional creditor that won't take a credit card and a number of websites that won't work with a mobile phone or tablet.

The doxo payment system includes many features, such as an inbox so that any user can see which bills are due and click on each one to examine the full details. The payment service, called doxoPAY, allows the user to set up an auto-bill-pay feature for any payment, and to limit the amount, which serves a dual purpose; it allows you to keep track of your bill paying, and it also serves as something of an alarm.

Now, about a decade after it hit the market, the doxo system has millions of users, Better yet, they can rightfully claim to have changed the way those millions of people pay their bills. As the first crowd-sourced, consumer-centered bill paying solution, the is, those millions of people are able to take full control of how they pay their bills, often for the first time. They can pay their bills via credit or debit card, or through a direct transfer from a checking account or anything else that's viable. They can also use a computer at home or they can use a phone or a tablet on the road.